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Developing a Coaching Mindset

Developing a Coaching Mindset

Having a coaching mindset means to possess the skills to provoke insight from clients so that they can find their own meaning and solutions rather than instructing them what to do or fixing their problems for them. To adopt the right attitude, it is very helpful to form beliefs that support the right coaching behavior. | Read article

3 Best Ways to Handle Transference in Coaching

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Transference in coaching can play havoc on the trust and relationship between a coach and a client. When a client projects deep feelings, often subconsciously, originating from another time or person in their life, onto their coach, the coaching process can be disrupted, often because of wrong assumptions and misinterpretation. What is transference? The concept | Read article

5 Key Benefits of Online Coaching

benefits of online coaching

After dispelling some of the concerns that exist about online coaching in a previous article, it is now time to explore its many advantages. I highlighted some of these in my article published in 2015 in the International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy titled “Conceptualizing MDT as a Moodle-Based Program for Adolescents and Adults | Read article

Dispelling 4 Concerns About Online Coaching

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Despite the exponential growth of the access and speed of online communication channels, many traditionalists remain convinced that online coaching, we can call it e-coaching, is fraught with life-threatening dangers and risks. Are they correct? To me, the answer is a resounding NO. However, some of their concerns are justified, but all are manageable by | Read article

How to Create a Coaching Mission Statement

Life Coaching Mission

Knowing how to create a coaching mission statement is important to set your practice and approach in the best direction for you and your clients. A mission forms the basis of what drives you forward and keeps your passion burning to achieve your vision. What is a mission statement? Let’s start by looking at what | Read article

5 Ways to Build Trust with Challenging Coaching Clients


Finding ways to build trust with challenging coaching clients is an integral part of becoming a good coach. If you’re always looking how to help others, you’ll need to become adept in understanding different types of clients and figuring out the role and approach that will suit each client best. Assessing client types Many combinations | Read article