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Honesty and compassion should drive health and fitness coaching | Online Coach Training School

fitness coaching

How and when does your health fitness coaching work? What makes your fitness training so different? Our online coach training school has interviewed James Middleton, who is a health and fitness coach helping his clients navigate the muddy waters of myths and misinformation. Here, he discusses his health coach tips for people who are thinking | Read article

5 Stages of Coping with Change You Cannot Rush | Life Coaching Certification

5 stages of coping

The experience and anticipation of fear creates a feeling of trepidation in most people. The unfamiliar feels painful to us and we do our best to avoid it. But growth only comes with change. Learn five steps of coping with change that will help you get through difficult times and become a stronger person. Change | Read article

How Your Dharma Personality Type Can Improve Your Communication | Life Coaching Certification


The following article was written by Jay Shetty. Dharma signifies striving to act according to a person’s virtues, calling, and the “right way of living.” Every individual personality is unique, but can be associated with one of the four personality types identified in Vedic Hinduism. Each type manifests a typical communication style with both strengths | Read article

VIA Character Strengths & Coaching | Online Coach Training School

Character Strengths & Coaching

An Interview with Ryan Niemiec Our online coach training school has interviewed Dr. Ryan Niemiec, the Education Director at the VIA Institute on Character and an award-winning psychologist, certified coach, author, and annual instructor at the University of Pennsylvania and discussed with him about the value of positive psychology and character strengths in coaching. What | Read article

Discovering Brain Based Communication Skills | Online Coach Training School

Discovering Brain Based Communication Skills

A good coach uses communication skills that activate the trust, confidence, and positivity mechanisms of their clients’ brains. Here are seven techniques you can try to help your clients experience “aha” moments, grow, and achieve success. Written by Joan Swart Brain-based coaching is a relatively new perspective of coaching principles that draws from the rapidly | Read article

What Character Strengths Should Coaching Students Develop to Change Habits Effectively? | Life Coaching Certification

art work

Research has shown that the four character strengths associated with changing habits effectively, Hope, Perseverance, Forgiveness, and Creativity, do not feature strongly in a JSCS student sample. We offer a few simple suggestions to build those qualities. Keep reading to find out how to gain your life coaching certification. Written by Dr. Joan Swart Character | Read article