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6 Ways to Promote your Coaching Business | Life Coach Certification

Once you’ve received your Life Coach Certification you might start thinking about ways of promoting your Coaching Business. It’s now time to go out there and get clients. Our alumni Coach Talia is teaching you 6 Ways to Promote your Coaching Business today!

One thing is clear: if no one knows about your business, there is no business. You need to go out there and talk about it. Because if you don’t, you are stealing something great from others. Many coaches fear sounding “salesy” when they’re about to make offers.

However, just think about it, if you had a cure for a disease, would you keep it to yourself? Of course not! You would go out there and share it with everyone, right? You won’t be afraid to sound “salesy” if you believe in your own worth and the value of the product – your coaching services. That’s one thing we were taught during our Life Coach Certification Training.

Way 1: Social Media

One useful way to promote your business is by building trust with your audience on social media. Yes, I didn’t say selling on social media, but building trust. No one wants to buy until they become familiar with the brand, which in this case is you.

Way 2: Building your Brand

That brings us to another important point – building your brand. It’s not about your logo and colors, it’s about your own story. You need to be clear about your message and your core story. People love stories, and you can use this to promote your business in different ways which will be discussed further.

Way 3: Speak about your business

The easiest thing you can do to kick off your business is to start talking about it with those around you. Check your contacts (on your phone, your emails, your social media). Do you potentially have your ideal clients there? 

Ask them if you could get on a call with them  to do some market research for your new coaching business. People love being helpful! They will happily talk about their struggles and challenges with you. If appropriate, you can jump in to help them navigate those and demonstrate the power of coaching. Even if they don’t immediately sign up for your services, it is a win-win: you get some valuable insights and data from your ideal client that you can use for marketing purposes, and they get a feeling of your coaching and might come back later or recommend you to someone else.

Way 4: Consider being interviewed on a podcast and writing guest posts in magazine

Remember that having your Life Coach Certification means that you do have a lot of valuable experience, but you need exposure. Give your business publicity by appearing on podcasts or writing guest posts in magazines. Note, however, that, as with everything else, this needs to be strategic. It is not how many podcasts you speak on, but rather the quality of value you provide and whether the right audience is listening to it. Or, maybe all you need to get noticed is one guest article in a major magazine. Experiment with both podcasts and writing in magazines and see what works best for you.

Way 5: SEO & SEM

In contrast to popular perception, having a website is not imperative for promoting your business. It’s relatively easy to create a fancy-looking website, but if it just sits there on the web without clear purpose and intention, it does not do much for your business.

Two ways you can promote business through your website are ensuring that your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are fully optimised. SEO aims to ensure your website ranks high in Google searches, and SEM can be used by posting paid ads, etc., to target certain demographics. Without SEO, a website will mainly just serve as your portfolio, so make sure you fully optimise it to be able to receive organic leads through it.

As you can see, there are tons of options for how to promote your coaching business. Don’t feel like you need to do all of it at the same time. Remember the Pareto Principle that states that only 20% of your activities will produce 80% of the results. Pick wisely, but most importantly, pick and actually do it. Share your gift of coaching with others!


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