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Cherrie Aclan

Jay Shetty Certification School: A Guide to Choosing a Coaching School

Choosing a Coaching School

Jodi Jackson, a graduate of Jay Shetty Certification School, gives advice in choosing a coaching school that is best for you!   Going to the Jay Shetty Certification School  was pivotal in my life because I didn’t know who I was before. Now that I have a handle on that, I can genuinely help someone | Read article

The Pathway to Life Coaching Program: A Journey through the Journey of a Certified Coach

Pathway to Life Coaching

So you are interested in being a life coach. What about this opportunity speaks to you, and why? What will happen if you do it and what if you don’t?  I knew I loved the idea of being a life coach, but speaking with schools left me feeling disconnected. I let doubt creep in… Perhaps | Read article

Choosing a Coaching Certification School: A Guide to Identifying Values

Allow our graduate Supraja Ramanjula to share her guide in choosing a coaching certification school for you.

Allow our graduate Supraja Ramanjula to share her guide in choosing a coaching certification school for you. What were your main decisions when deciding which coach certification school to choose? A unique, internationally accredited life coach certification training program. A good curriculum that includes instruction on working with clients, positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, a strength-based | Read article

Joining an Online Coach Training School after working as a Financial Analyst


Discover this inspiring story of our graduate Shafaq – she joined our online coach training school after she decided that her energy was no longer matching her work.   Comments of concern and fear kept pouring in when I decided to resign from my full-time job as a Financial Analyst, not even two years after | Read article

How to Find the Right Coach Training School

Find the Right Coach Training School

Allow our graduate Liz Cresci to share how to find the right coach training school for you.   Enrolling in a coach training school has been an ongoing dream of mine since I first heard about life coaching about 20 years ago. It was the answer to the question I had been carrying around for | Read article

From working a job to gaining a Life Coach Certification | And how you can do it too


Read this inspiring story of our graduate, Christopher Mitra, and find out how he gained his life coach certification after struggling with depression. Living with deep depression truly sucks. It robs you of your enjoyment, confidence, and connections, and makes it difficult to see a future. That’s where I had been for years since my | Read article

What is Life Coaching?


  From experience, I know that everyone has a different definition and expectation of what life coaching is. The crux is that a life and success coach helps people discover their best selves. Herein already lies an important distinction. A life coach views a client’s challenges and potential objectively as the third party, opening their | Read article

Astrid’s Journey to Become a Life Coach with the Jay Shetty Certification School


Get inspired by our graduate’s journey to becoming a life coach with the Jay Shetty Certification School.   At the end of each year, I challenge myself with a new goal. 2020 was the year of COVID. I was asking myself what to do with my time to make the most out of it. I | Read article

Establish a Life Coaching Business with Jay Shetty | Coaching School


The following ten steps will help you to establish a profitable, niche, and sustainable life coaching business. The descriptions are very brief but should still give you a good idea of those things to consider so that you can make a career out of life coaching. In our Life Coaching School, we’ll teach you everything | Read article

From Teaching Yoga To Gaining a Life Coaching Certification

performing yoga

Today, we’re talking to our graduate Shirlee Williams about her wonderful journey to gain her life coaching certification with us. Grab a hot (or cold) drink and get inspired with us! How did you discover the Jay Shetty Certification School? Once you put something out into the universe, the universe starts working for you. Some | Read article

Coaching Professional Code Of Conduct & Ethical Standard | Life Coaching Certification


In many aspects, formal coaching is a relatively new profession and lacks standardization. It lacks regulation that guides other helping providers to give the best level of care to their clients. You may think that codes and rules are a bad thing. However, having a representative professional body oversee standards not only protects clients but | Read article

From Working as a Dentist for 12 Years to Becoming a Life Coach


Preeti Mistry has become a life coach after working as a dentist for 12 years. She experienced a tremendous change in her life and says she wouldn’t look back. Let’s read her story! Where did it all begin for you? It was New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 2019, as I eagerly awaited the countdown which | Read article