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Ada Malave

  • Transformational Life & Grief Coach

Ada Malave

  • Transformational Life & Grief Coach

I would like to take this time to introduce myself my name is Ada Malave.  I currently live in Puerto Rico but grew up in New York where I lived the first 40 years of my life.

I obtained a BA of Arts degree in Sociology and I minored in Psychology. I worked over 38 years providing service to the public and loved doing it.

I have other trainings which I am proud of, I am a spiritualist, Hatha Yoga instructor, Face Yoga teacher, and a Graduate of transformational seminar.

All these trainings have prepared me to help others to accept, modify or change their life’s.  My interests have always been to help others in motivating, inspiring and looking within themselves to love who they are.

As your coach I help you to look within yourself,  find what your growth levels are, and  see what you really want for yourself.

– Provide you with breathing techniques, meditations, and visualizations
– You will be guided to see how a lot of things we were told as we grew up “you can’t do it “, and “you are not smart enough” were not right.
– Encourage you to see that “you are good enough” and you will look at life through your new senses.
– Provide you with guidance as to what your possibilities are in this life’s journey and you will be able to look deep within yourselves to figure out what is your “Why”, in this lifetime.
– If you had a loss in your life like a loved one, a job, a house, identity, pet, had to leave your homeland and going through a empty nest syndrome I can assist you through your grieving process.

I can be contacted via my email

I will listen and am here for you!