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Alina Nistor

  • Mindset Transformation and Success Coach

Alina Nistor

  • Mindset Transformation and Success Coach

I came to the US from Romania all by myself when I was 20 years old.

Why? I was passionate about my dream and my vision of living a better life and nothing was going to stop me. That passion and drive never left me. I strongly believe we can all turn our dreams into reality.

Throughout my life somehow I always ended up helping people with love and compassion. My passion for helping people led me to study Psychology and I became an avid student of personal development, growth and transformation. Fascinated by the human mind and curious about the unlimited potential that we all have within us, I discovered I had a real intuitive gift. I have worked as Spiritual Counselor for 5 years and I have touched over 8,000 lives. And yet I knew there was an even bigger goal to accomplish, a bigger dream that I could turn into reality.

In February 2020 I became a member of the Genius Community. Jay Shetty’s philosophy really resonated with me. In June of 2020 during the COVID Pandemic I made a decision that was ­­­­­­going to change the rest of my life in the most unbelievable and amazing way. I knew that becoming a Mindset Transformation and Success Coach will give me the tools I needed and the ability to reach out to people on a much bigger scale and really contribute overall to helping humanity and be in service to those in need.

As a single mom to a beautiful 16 year old daughter, my passion and mission in life is to help women overcome fear, remove limiting negative beliefs, struggling feeling stuck, hopeless and without a purpose, feeling anxious, tired and overwhelmed, by bringing awareness and clarity and the necessary steps that will bring them happiness, joy, a stress free life and the desire and passion to reclaim their dreams. I am so excited to help guide you through the process of self-growth and personal development.

I know so well how hard it is to be a single working mom and I wish I had someone to help guide and facilitate change and transformation for me when I needed it most. As your Mindset Transformation and Success Coach I will introduce new ways of thinking, help you build healthy habits and bring those long lost dreams into reality.

Some of you need guidance back into the dating scene after divorce, some of you think you are too old or too tired to go back to school and pursue your dream career , some of you lost the drive and passion for life, some of you want to improve your relationships with your kids, some of you keep going to the old toxic relationship partners and cannot seem to overcome those road blocks, some of you are struggling with debt and financial setbacks ,some of you have lost your authenticity and purpose in life. I will be there for you embarking on this journey together with a lot of love, compassion and understanding.

Are you ready to find out how you can make all of this happen? Ready to reclaim your power and, discover your authentic self and dream big again?

Contact me at: for your free discovery session. You can find me on Instagram: @dreams_into_action_coaching