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Alycia French

  • Leadership Life Coach

Alycia French

  • Leadership Life Coach

Feel like you’re made for more but the days pass by before you can do enough?

My name is Alycia & I work with ambitious executives & future-executives wanting to level-up their leadership & make more impact while prioritising their wellbeing.

I study the art of personal development-optimising conversations, so I deep-dive & question how you approach everyday life, not just in business, as I believe your professional growth is parallel to your personal growth.

Your greatest growth strategy.

It’s a self-discovery journey, therefore a self-empowering one; enhancing your ability to produce & apply your own logical wisdom & be equipped with an elevated mindset, habits & behaviours to lead a work-life experience more satisfying than you currently know.

“Before I felt heightened periods of stress & anxiety were my normality. I was experiencing tremendous amounts of pressure at work & Alycia guided me through creating personalised strategies to ground me. As a result of our coaching I now feel calm.” -Alex A, Melbourne, Australia

“Alycia helped me gain a lot of clarity on what is important in my life, what my purpose & contribution is & the means by which to achieve them. I feel driven to become who I need to be to deliver on this.” – Chris P, New Zealand

Dare to develop your mindset as well as your skill set.

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