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Amrit Dhanoa

  • Realisation and Fulfilment Coach

Amrit Dhanoa

  • Realisation and Fulfilment Coach

I support individuals with Realisation and Fulfilment in their lives.
I empower them to realise their life passions and the purpose they truly desire.
Enabling them to live to their full potential and become unstoppable.

I love to see people radiate and flourish when they’re achieving their goals.

My main desire is to enable my clients to live a life without the guilt of putting themselves first, and to ultimately achieve the choices they are entitled to.

Have any of these questions ever come to mind?

“ I feel stuck and need some guidance ”
“ I just feel a little lost and don’t know my purpose anymore ”
“ I am afraid of looking silly ”
“ What if I make mistakes ”
“ I don’t know where to start ”
“ I have always put my family and others first ”

I aspire to guide and serve you, and do this by deep listening, showing empathy and providing accountability. I appreciate that every client has unique abilities and that they are in control and masters of their own lives. The intention of my coaching is to bring about positive change, choice and ultimately fulfilment to my clients lives.

A little about me personally, I am a free spirit, have a zest for life and I am a very keen traveller. I have visited many countries across the world and so very passionate about people, cultures, food, languages and so much more. One of my goals is to visit almost every country in the world and to help communities along my journey by sharing knowledge.

If you or someone you know might be interested in a FREE 30 mins discovery call, please send me a message. I would love to speak to you further and see how we can work together in making a difference.