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Amritha Kailas

  • Women's Emotional Wellness and Transformation Coach

Amritha Kailas

  • Women's Emotional Wellness and Transformation Coach

Amritha Kailas is a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach. She specializes in emotional wellness and transformation by following a holistic approach that involves empowering the mind leading to the overall development of a person .

Amritha discovered her life’s purpose as Coaching during the year November 2020 . Her journey from emotional pain experienced during her childhood resulted in mental health issues of anxiety and depression in her adult life. However Amritha’s perseverance along with the support from her family and spiritual masters enabled her to come back to life and pursue her passion in Sanskrit and Music through teaching. While teaching children and adults, Amritha noticed her mind expand with compassion which made her deeply reflect on her purpose in life.

After many months of deep inquiry and reflection along with the support from her coaches, she embarked on the journey to become a Life Coach.

Amritha helps working women discover their authentic self so that they can lead a mindful life with higher focus,clarity, self esteem, peace and emotional balance.Through her coaching sessions, she guides and  enables her clients to  break through the mental barriers of negative emotions, self doubt, overthinking  and past that has been holding them from leading a peaceful and harmonious family life.

Amritha uses Jay’s ABC framework in combination with tools based on positive psychology and ancient wisdom that focuses on developing mindfulness, visualizations, meditations and emotion management techniques to change your life. Her structured coaching process includes exploration,setting goals, designing and implementing actions that develop emotional awareness which ultimately leads to wellness and  transformation of your life .

Amritha’s long term vision is to empower women in order to create healthier communities and a peaceful world.


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