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Andreas Neubauer

  • Rebel Coach | Thinking Partner

Andreas Neubauer

  • Rebel Coach | Thinking Partner

I am a father, a husband, a maker and a man who cares deeply about people and grateful for the opportunity to create, to connect and serve.

I am Andreas Neubauer and was born in the former DDR to immigrate to Austria at the age of 9 and live there.

I never liked the predictable path, it’s always been boring to know what’s next. The tingling feeling of not knowing what is coming next and creating something new drives me.

I’m curious about life and I like to take risks, it’s easy for me to turn my visions into reality that’s what I’ve always done my whole life over and over again.

It is important to me to create something, to keep moving and to inspire people to break new ground, to celebrate success and to see defeat as an opportunity to develop further.

After many years as a successful entrepreneur and founder of several international companies, it was time for a new adventure.

My Mission is to help people to understand that it is ok not to fit in and see the world differently. I create a safe space for rebels with a deep need for freedom who has a constant desire to create with playfulness and curiosity.

Freedom, Curiosity, Adventure, trust and integrity are my most important values in life.