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Anjna Maraj-Malaykhan

  • Spiritual-Mindset Coach

Anjna Maraj-Malaykhan

  • Spiritual-Mindset Coach

We have all struggled with some form of mental or emotional challenge.  I too went through it, and I must say it’s easy to get there, even easier to stay there but exhaustingly hard to come out of.  I get that, but somehow I am grateful to have overcome this Depression and have transformed it into understanding, growth, change and all part of “MY” process.  I realised this is no one else’s journey but mine.

I went on a spiritual, transformational, self-discovery journey where I found hope, love, peace, forgiveness and uniqueness in myself.  I found strength.  Then I nurtured this, EVERY-SINGLE day, because I found out the difference between happiness and sadness.  But I chose happiness!  I never wanted to feel that way again, so I found purpose, I found MYSELF.

My purpose came from loving who I saw every day in the mirror, I mean, who I am with every second of the day?  ME!   I found my Creator within me.  So I started digging and had the desire to know more about myself, and the more I found out, the more passionate I became.

I found values, strengths, weaknesses and passions, all the things that make me smile inside-out, all the things that made me into ME.  I love helping others, for as long as I know myself, I always gave more than I received.  So knowing this, I wanted to use this passion, this PURPOSE, and living daily feeling the bliss that I feel when I serve.

So I found JSCC Coaching School, and being a Coach has taught me how to have discipline and proper guidance in helping others and hence, living in my Purpose.  I want to give others Clarity in their present life to then find their inner passion and hence find their “True Purpose”.


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