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Anna Olejnik

  • Mindset & Transformation Coach

Anna Olejnik

  • Mindset & Transformation Coach

Hi, I’m Anna – The Coaching Alchemist

I’m Your Partner In Transformation

That Is Mindful and Lasting

I help you unearth your mind’s power and turn your life into gold.

My integrative coaching methodology is geared towards helping you:

– gain clarity
– break limiting thinking patterns
– shift perspective and build focus
– boost confidence and create resilience
– break destructive behaviours
– design a SMART goal plan
– create empowering habits
– track progress
– manifest a well-lived life you’re inspired byI’ve delivered hundreds of coaching sessions and helped others live life to their truest and fullest. Let me do the same for you!

My story so far…

I grew up with very little space for expressing my most authentic voice. My surroundings frequently hindered me from living life based on my unique values which aligned with who I was at my core. I was taught that I should follow a certain belief system and needed to be a certain way in order to be valued, successful, and happy. Finding my own path was much disapproved of, and I was expected to adhere to viewpoints and customs that others imposed on me.

These toxic dynamics greatly impacted my early adult life – making decisions driven by the needs of others, feeling little love for myself, allowing my world to be guided by what others thought was right for me, broken relationships, and poor mental and physical health.

I felt disempowered, misplaced, and adrift, as if waking each day living a reality that wasn’t mine.

My thirtieth birthday marked a pivotal point in my life, when a yoga workshop focused on personal responsibility changed everything. It led me to deeper self-awareness and a realisation of a serious disfunction within my past. The truth was that I’d been drifting along with the waves of the world without a conscious vision of how and where to I wanted to lead my life.

I’ve spent the past several years gradually taking back control and mending my view of the world – unlearning old habits, and training, in theory and practice, to be a mindful creator of my reality, rather than a follower of someone else’s blueprint for life.

Upon shifting my mindset and finding my own path, feeling compelled to share the powerful tools I’d received in my journey, I created The Coaching Alchemist to help you find your own path too!

​Anna xx