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Arati Singh

  • Empowerment and Transformation Coach

Arati Singh

  • Empowerment and Transformation Coach

Are you very sensitive to people, things, situation and have been called “too sensitive “and don’t know how to deal with it and often judge/doubt yourself??

Don’t worry its absolutely normal and research has proved it to be a characteristic that comprise of 20% of world’s population.

Let’s work on ourselves to make our sensitive behavior as our strength and not let the world or people around you create self-doubt in you.

Remember being “KIND AND STRONG “is the combination that world needs the most and I am here to help you find your strength, Take your power back and operate with your best potential.

This is Arati(RT) – Born and raised in India and currently in United states for work , Professionally I  work  for a Financial Technology company but my Passion has always been PEOPLE .

I care about humanity and feel my responsibility to help every human being around us to be the best version of themselves. I have been into this self-development and spiritual journey for more than a decade now. I am certified Yoga, meditation instructor and a life coach now.  In my personal life I have overcome all the challenges that once looked impossible so I  believe “ NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE “ and I am highly  driven to Empower everyone who needs connection with their own self and  follow and achieve all of their dreams .

The most important journey is within and from within we tap into the infinite potential of possibilities. Once we have mastered our inner being  and have awareness, self-love and self-acceptance the battle is half won .

Ready for the most incredible journey with the best company (YOU) you can ever have ????

If you feel resonated and believe I am the  right person to help you on your journey towards being your best version feel free to reach out to me at for a discovery call .