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Ashley Yao

  • Life Coach

Ashley was born in Taiwan and raised in the US. Later on, through her and then her husband’s work, she lived in Paris, London, and Santiago, Chile. Having to pick up new languages and living in culturally different environments throughout her life has taught her to be curious, resilient, open-minded, and non-judgmental. She is drawn to animals, nature, and adventures. In her free time, you can find her rock climbing and mountain biking. Her background has led her to embrace the harmony from The East vs. the individualism from The West. This is a philosophy she brings to her life and her coaching practice.

She spent 17 years working in the fashion industry. First on the creative side before transitioning into the business side. She worked closely with the merchandising/e-commerce team for companies such as Stella McCartney, eBay UK, and a British sportswear start-up. Whilst managing a team of six, she discovered my calling to encourage and guide others in reaching their true potential.

Ashley received her Bachelor’s in Business Management at Pace University in New York City and the coach certification at JSCS, Jay Shetty Coaching School, accredited by Association for Coaching (AC) and Training Accreditation & Certification Organisation Canada (TRACCERT).