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Aye Aye Mon

  • Purpose Coach

Aye Aye Mon

  • Purpose Coach

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you don’t know what to do and feel some important parts of you in life are missing? Although you’re breathing but don’t feel like you’re living. I’ve been there before and felt like I was not myself anymore. Everyday became an automatic routine that I’m behaving like a robot and eventually started to lose all my feelings. And chances come to me to push myself to look within. 

The beginning of the journey took me a lot of courage and effort to look within. The deeper I look within and turn the attention into myself, I become more self-aware and start to realise why I feel I’m only breathing and not living.

Through the journey of living my life-purpose I become more self-aware, confident in myself, love and accept myself unconditionally, getting healthier boundaries in life, brave to show my true colours and be myself.  I realised the only thing that can make my life alive, fulfilled and meaningful is living my life-purpose. 

With the tools and techniques I’ve learnt and practised as a Jay Shetty Certified Coach, I’m happy to help and support you step by step through the journey of finding your life-purpose. We’ll together raise your self-awareness, build self-confidence, and self-love, set healthy boundaries in lifethat will enable you to live a life that aligns with your life-purpose.

If you’re ready to live a meaningful life, you can wake up with excitement, go to bed feeling fulfilled and create a great impact in life by knowing, living and embodying your life-purpose, I’m here to help and support you to  go through the journey of going within to find, know, accept and expand your true-self, gifted talents, beliefs, values, passions and purpose with you. 

The only one who can decide who you want to be and what life you want to live is “YOU”.
If you’re able to live your life-purpose-
What impact you may bring to your life and everyone around you?
How will you feel?
What will your life look like?
Who are you gonna be?
What qualities are you gonna embody?

What we focus on expands. Let’s connect if you’re ready to expand the chapter of your meaningful life.