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Caroline Tapken

  • Expat Coach

Caroline Tapken draws on decades of experience as an expat working in marketing communications in the travel, hospitality and leisure arena to help fellow expats to make the decisions they know they need to make!

A mother of two grown children, both born overseas and now living in the UK, Caroline is divorced and recently returned to her native UK after more than 35 years living and working in the Caribbean, USA, Asia and the Middle East.  Owner of a PR Marketing Consultancy in Dubai for 8 years, Caroline continued working with the travel industry upon her return to the UK, and is still Executive Director of World of DMCs.  Covid, and lockdowns grounded her, but she spent her time well, studying with the Jay Shetty Certification School and has subsequently launched her coaching business, running alongside her marketing activities.  Developing a Portfolio Business helps her keep a finger on the pulse of the business and world in which she works, and supports the coaching of her fellow expats and those who are planning – or have already completed – a return home.

Caroline’s focus is on working with expats at any stage of their journey to help them understand their unique place in the world, so they can make considered decisions about their future.