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Cayla Buettner

  • Passion, Pleasure & Productivity Coach for Ambitious Creatives

Cayla Buettner

  • Passion, Pleasure & Productivity Coach for Ambitious Creatives

Passion, Pleasure & Productivity Coach for Ambitious Creatives

It’s my mission to help creatives produce their passion projects by developing a deeper intimate connection to themselves’. I help my clients manifest their artistic goals by using my proprietary framework – mixing mindset, productivity tools, and pleasure-based embodiment techniques.

It’s my belief that our individual expression heals our world. My clients overcome blocks in order to feel sparks when they combine the sacred masculine principles of supportive structure with expansive feminine ease and pleasure.

I am a Jay Shetty Certified Coach who moonlights as a burlesque dancer and theater performer with a BFA from the University of Connecticut in Acting. Being multi-passionate and unwilling to fulfill the starving artist cliche, I grew my career in the arts side-by-side a lucrative career in finance; quit a job in private equity to become a romantic matchmaker, yoga teacher, and cabaret performer, and then returned to Wall Street as a bridge job support my coaching career transition.

In February 2021, I founded ToFeelSparks with my Jay Shetty Coaching certificate in hand. My clients’ successes this year include:
– Booking a TV-acting debut followed up by a feature film and commercial after a 10 year dry spell
– Releasing an EP and booking multiple concerts
– Transitioning a career to be more aligned to her passion
– Becoming promoted to a network TV-producer
– Producing a first solo show
– …and multiple clients have negotiated significant raises in their survival jobs

If you are a passionate creative with a desire to share your expression with the world, together we will co-create a path to help you connect to your artistic spark within and express it through your passion project. You will gain clarity, collapse your timeline, and be supported to succeed in achieving your ambitious aspirations.

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