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Chantelle Dyson

  • Chantelle the Coach - Quarter-Life Crisis & Confidence Coach

Chantelle Dyson

  • Chantelle the Coach - Quarter-Life Crisis & Confidence Coach

As a Jay Shetty Certified Life & Success Coach, I help women to overcome their limiting self-beliefs, to move past anxious feelings and self-doubt and work on their inner confidence and self-esteem through my powerful questioning techniques.

Following my own experience, I specialise in the quarter-life crisis, the intense period of change and uncertainty that over half of 20-40 year olds experience and not all get help or support to work through. The QLC includes life transformations such as relationships, careers and living arrangements, where people question themselves, their scenario and their lives.

Whether it’s relationship break-up, career change or other areas of life, it often comes down to confidence; fearing what others will think, worrying about what could go wrong and being worried about making the “wrong” choice. And that’s where I can help.

Defining what matters most to you and implementing a life designed around that is my ultimate aim to help you achieve and having the confidence to go after it is what I help you to work towards, particularly when you’re doubting yourself and all that you’ve worked on so far.

Following my own divorce, I took a step back to reset my life, deciding what were the most important things to me and working out how I could balance those things, setting up my environment to implement and support my five core values of: creativity, empowerment, growth, connection and leading with impact.

I’m an advocate for embracing the single life, running a Single Girls Club meet up group and a regular weekly Clubhouse room on “The Single Girls Guide to…” which discusses many topics including dating, relationships, living alone, finances and more.


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