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Chantelle Dyson

  • Single Life Empowerment Coach

Chantelle Dyson

  • Single Life Empowerment Coach

As a Jay Shetty Certified Life & Success Coach specialising in Single Life Empowerment, I help women to build their confidence and build their network of friendships so that they can embrace their single life and live independently, without having to find a partner “to complete them”.

When you’re single, you don’t always feel like you have that one person that you can talk to.  That one person who really gets what it’s like to be single, to be dating, to not have someone living with you. And that’s especially the case if all your friends are settling down and having babies.

When you go to a social event, you know your family members are going to ask about your love life. They’ll ask a question about dating or “finding a man”, followed by some cliché comment about finding someone when you least expect it. With comments like this, you’re feeling the pressure to get into a relationship, to settle down and have kids yourself, but you’re not sure if you’re ready for that step yet, or even if you want that at all! And even if you are, the practicalities of finding that someone aren’t as straight forward as everyone makes out.

Instead of focussing on putting your happiness in another person or relationship, I help you to build your own confidence and happiness in yourself, in your life and your decisions, and help you to be surrounded by single life positivity and encouragement, so that you don’t feel like you have to be looking to partner up ASAP.

My mission is to empower women to define their lives without fear of judgement, lack of self-esteem or obsessing over the “perfect life” and instead, they can thrive in their single life with confidence.

Defining what matters most to you and implementing a life designed around that is my ultimate aim to help you achieve and having the confidence to go after it is what I help you to work towards, particularly when you’re doubting yourself and all that you’ve worked on so far.

Following my own divorce after a seven-year long relationship, I took a step back to reset my life, deciding what were the most important things to me and working out how I could balance those things, setting up my environment to implement and support my five core values of: creativity, empowerment, growth, connection and leading with impact.

Every opportunity to work with my, in whichever format, is designed to encourage vulnerability and openness so that women and girls can express their true inner selves, explore what is holding them back and supports them to overcome fears of rejection and feelings of anxiety.

I want women to know who they are, who they want to be, and what they really want and to get here by going for it with conviction, drive and dedication to make it happen. I also want you to feel like you belong even when you’re single, to go away with more friendships and a sense of belonging.

You can listen to The Single Girls Guide to Life podcast or follow along on Instagram or TikTok (@chantellethecoach) for daily and weekly content on Single Life, whilst there’s also an online community for singles, events for Single Women and coaching programmes too.

I can’t wait to start celebrating single life with you!