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Chie Nakano

  • Midlife Transition Coach

Chie Nakano

  • Midlife Transition Coach

I work with women and men undergoing a midlife transition crisis, who have fallen into an existential slump, stuck in an endless loop of “what if”, “if only” and “should have” questions about the past. I help them unpack and release unhelpful mental clutter, so they can finally create the future they always dreamed of, wake up with hope and excitement, and dare to dream and love again.

Midlife can be a complex and tricky time to navigate. There may be feelings of shame or embarrassment about ageing, hormonal changes, menopausal symptoms, doubts about the purpose of one’s life or career status. It is not uncommon for midlifers to fall into self-doubt and depression and crave a radical change, in an act of self-rebellion. Divorce and career switches are quite common around this time. Midlifers are often bored with themselves and others, bored with routine, the sheer lack of adventure. They feel permanently exhausted and everything seems to lack spark, including relationships. Is that all there’s to life?! Where do you get the motivation to even get out of bed?

If you identify with any of the above and are ready to stop wallowing and start doing some serious inner work, I can help you discover how a true “anti-ageing” reset can be achieved without Botox, nor creams and lotions, just by reigniting your Fire within…in your body and soul!

My approach is informed by principles of nonviolent communication (NVC) and is focused on fostering deep self-awareness around feelings and needs while I guide clients to develop compassion for all parts of the self. I am trauma informed and have been training in different modalities of trauma healing as part of my continuous professional development.

I invite you to get in touch for a free consult and an initial, no-pressure exploration, which could already lead to a life-changing a-ha moment! Can you afford to miss out on such an opportunity?

You can find me at  or @compassioncentredcoach on Facebook and Instagram.