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Chris March

  • Leadership Coach

20 years in leadership roles and a lifetime’s passion for helping others has shaped my journey to becoming a Certified Leadership Coach.

I’ve held senior management positions in various industries, for multinational companies, across three continents from a young age. The most enjoyable part of the work I’ve done has always been the human connection – the chance to meet dynamic and diverse people from across many cultures. I’ve been fortunate enough to use my leadership positions to develop real-world skills to help empower others in their career journeys. These professional experiences have taught me about the corporate world and what is needed for career growth.

Through managing and mentoring employees and colleagues, plus working alongside great leaders along the way, I’ve developed a deep passion for recognizing individual strengths, uncovering debilitating obstacles, and then empowering the individual to achieve their goals. I haven’t just done this for individuals – I’ve done it for teams too. Leading by example in professional and personal development, I was humbled to be globally-recognized through company awards and achievements.

As I grew my career and motivated others to do the same, events that we are all too familiar with made me suddenly question my path. COVID-19 struck, and as a senior leader in a global travel company, its consequences were felt enormously.

The pandemic crushed the travel industry, and I witnessed colleagues and friends lose careers they had spent years building. Recognizing the volatility of the industry, its impact on so many I cared about, and the uncertain future of my own role, my mind raced with questions like, “When will the pandemic end? Is my job safe?” But those immediate questions turned into tougher, more challenging ones.

I asked myself, “If money didn’t matter, what would I do?” My thoughts always returned to my professional experiences of helping others through strong leadership and personal development. After a lot of introspection, I decided to enroll in the Jay Shetty Certification School. There, I further developed the coaching skills I had honed over two decades in leadership roles.

In 2022, equipped with a growth mindset and a fuelled passion for coaching, I was accepted by the Center for Executive Coaching to study its highly-recognized executive coaching courses. This certification allows its holders to be in the top 5% of all global coaches, delivering value to leaders, executives and up-and-coming talent.

My mission is to make a positive difference to individuals and, by extension, make the world a better place. I feel strongly that the best kind of success is shared success. The key to making this happen is to coach leaders to lift up our future leaders. I’m here to empower you to overcome self-limiting beliefs so that you can achieve any and all of your goals.