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Dalveer Kooner

  • Self-worth & Relationship Coach

Dalveer Kooner

  • Self-worth & Relationship Coach

Hi, I’m Dalveer and founder of GrowSpace! I’m pretty much a trainer for your mind.

I help people between the ages of 18 and 45, elevate their self-worth and build fulfilling relationships by shattering limiting beliefs and breaking free from what no longer serves them.

A little about you

Are you feeling any of the following?

  • Lack Confidence
  • Dealing with toxic or unhealthy relationships
  • Codependent in relationships
  • People pleaser
  • Critical of yourself
  • Fear of abandonment or fear of success
  • Living for others and putting others first
  • Avoiding challenges due to fear
  • Difficulty accepting compliments
  • Difficulty voicing opinions
  • Struggle with accepting love
  • Struggle with imposter syndrome
  • Overthinking
  • Hard on yourself but lenient with others
  • Are a workaholic/high achiever
  • Pressure to constantly overachieve
  • Struggle with perfectionism

If so, you have come to the right place. I create a safe space for you to untangle your thoughts, gain clarity, work through limiting beliefs to live the life you dream of. Are you willing to be challenged outside of your comfort zone? Are you willing to live with intention and take control of your life? If so, keep reading!

A little about myself

I was born and live in Ontario, Canada, however I serve clients globally. I speak fluent English, and Punjabi. I was brought to coaching as it had a profound impact on my life and my transformation journey.

My friends describe me as the go-to person to untangle their thoughts and make sense of their problems. I have been holding space for family and friends since childhood. My clients feel comfortable revealing their true selves that lie behind their personas.

Let’s Get Deep

For many years I struggled with limiting beliefs, people pleasing, narcissists, and toxicity in relationships. Despite being a high performing woman with much success, I was continuously dragged into the same problems and cycles. I took control of my life and now I help others to do to the same.

How did I do it?

  • I asked for help from the right experts
  • I uncovered my blind spots and gained awareness
  • I took action to eliminate toxicity, build self-worth and say no to things that don’t serve me

The result?

  • A deep understanding of who I am and my values
  • Living an authentic life of alignment
  • Eliminating toxicity
  • A high sense of self-worth and confidence

This allowed me to:

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships (romantic, family, friendships, coworkers, and spiritually)
  • Gain promotions and opportunities
  • Live my purpose by transforming the lives of others through coaching, managing, mentoring, speaking, and teaching yoga

I am passionate about understanding people and their relationships with themselves. Through coaching clients, I have learned that we all have so many similarities. Our mindset is one thing that continuously stops us from moving forward. I too have had limiting beliefs in the past but have gained the tools and techniques to transform. I bring my heart, expertise, and energy into each coaching session. This coupled with my experience, creates breakthroughs for my clients.

My Approach

I believe all my clients are already whole and resourceful. As a coach I will guide you to uncover your blind spots by exploring with you in depth. I am very patient, a great listener but I will also challenge you outside of your comfort zone to get you real results.

If this resonates with you, contact me for a free discovery call today. If you have not been coached before, this may feel uncomfortable. I assure you; I will guide you to the help you need, there is no preparation required.

Take control of your life and invest in yourself to heal and elevate! If not now, then when?