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Dalveer Kooner

  • Transformation + Mindset Coach Clarity | Alignment | Growth

Dalveer Kooner

  • Transformation + Mindset Coach Clarity | Alignment | Growth

Hi, I’m Dalveer and founder of GrowSpace! I’m pretty much a trainer for your mind. It’s my mission to guide my clients to become the best versions of themselves by creating long lasting change.

Are you feeling any of the following?
– Stuck
– Confused
– Stumbling

I create a safe space for you to untangle your thoughts, gain clarity, confidence, work through limiting beliefs to live the life you dream of. Are you willing to be challenged outside of your comfort zone? Are you willing to live with intention and take control of your life? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

About Me

I’m from Ontario, Canada and speak fluent English and Punjabi. I work as a Business Process Manager (CPA) and come from an entrepreneurial background. I have been coaching my successful family business for most of my life. My passion for yoga led me to become a yoga instructor. I am also a real estate investor on the side. As you can see, I wear many hats! My natural skills, experience and passion brought me to coaching.

I have seen a reoccurring pattern. Our mindset is one thing that continuously stops us from moving forward. I too have had limiting beliefs in the past but have gained the tools and techniques to transform. I bring my heart, curiosity, and positive energy into each coaching session. This coupled with my experience, creates breakthroughs for my clients.

I believe all my clients are already whole. As a coach I will guide you to uncover your blind spots by digging deep. I am very patient, a great listener but I will also challenge you outside of your comfort zone. If this resonates with you, contact me for a free discovery call today. Take control of your life and invest in yourself!

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