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Debbie Tremble

  • Life Coach for Singles

Debbie Tremble

  • Life Coach for Singles

Hi there! I am Debbie, or otherwise known as Fenix Life Coach.  I am based in the UK.  I specialise in working with single people.  As a coach I am present, curious and challenging. I will work with you on who you are, what you want out of a relationship and what it means to you be in one. While being single presents challenges in society – and we are not going to pretend those do not exist – we will work together on you becoming the best version of your single self, who has clarity and direction.  By the end of each session, and at the end of the coaching journey, you will have made more progress than you can ever imagine.

My pledge to my clients:

1. Gratitude – building my coaching practice from a place of gratitude for who I am and what I have.
2. Big vision – intimately connected with my future self.
3. Service – intimately understanding the client
4. Inspiration – model the possibility of having an outrageously satisfying life.  Be the person the client is desperate to hire.
5. Confidence – re-ordering my own thoughts so that I create the best possible conditions for my purpose to be fulfilled.
6. Commitment – stepping fully into trusting myself and my choice.
7. Courage – moving entirely towards success.
8. Grace – returning, again and again, to grace.

My coaching approach is both goal-focused and developmental which ensures sustainable results and affect permeant change but also crafting goals and action plans to get you to where you want to be.


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