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Devinder Maan

  • Empowerment Coach For Women

Devinder Maan

  • Empowerment Coach For Women

Allow me to take you on an inward journey to hear your deepest thoughts, explore your darkest fears, discover your limiting beliefs, explore your deep-rooted guilt/shame and find the negative subconscious patterns that overwhelm and rob you of the real you. It is in this sacred space that you will begin to make tiny shifts that lead to massive impact. From this place you will find your truth, authenticity, and empowerment to create and live the life you so deserve. Life that is meant for you. 

At the age of 55, upon becoming an empty nester I discovered a brand new life purpose.  After raising three beautiful children; creating a dream life together with my hubby for over 40 years including running a successful business; and founding a non-profit called, The Saheli Foundation, I felt I was not done.  I knew there was so much more to me and my life. 

Moving forward, I started a blog called Fabulous-fifty-five 

It was through sharing my stories, experiences  and vulnerability on this platform,  that I  began to build a community of wonderful women.  What I realized through my conversations was that as women, our biggest common denominator is the pain we all subject ourselves to and the suffering we endure. 

This pain comes from trying to conform to cultural expectations; giving into social pressures; seeking validation; self-sabotaging thoughts; guilt; shame; feeling responsible for others’ happiness and habitually trying to please everyone, etc. Somewhere along the way we loose sight of who we are and who were meant to be. As a result, we live unfulfilled, unhappy and inauthentic lives. 

This realization ignited in me a desire to learn and do more.  Hence, I registered myself to become a certified life coach @jayshettycertificationschool. This course proved to be the biggest opportunity for self-discovery and I began to witness a beautiful new transformation and empowerment within me. 

Furthermore, I discovered not only how powerful coaching could be but also how powerful I could be as a life coach. By empowering women to discover their authenticity and live their highest potential and purpose I am not only living my renewed purpose but also unfolding the grandest expression of my soul.

It is now my mission to pass this forward. I can help you do the difficult, inner work because I have been there and done it myself.

It would be my honour, as an Empowerment Life Coach For Women, to guide, support and help you, find YOU!