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Dylan Nadalin

  • Memories Coach

Dylan Nadalin

  • Memories Coach

A couple of reflective questions for you:

  • What are the biggest Memories you have from the last 12 months? 
  • Are you feeling that you don’t create as many Memories as you used to, or that they are less powerful? 
  • Take a moment to reflect on all the opportunities you had to add a Memory in your life… All those desires to pursue something new; think about the ones you postponed, or avoided… 

The Power, the Value and the Importance of Memories are very undervalued nowadays, the ability to bring meaning to our daily life is fading away. But not for long! Ciao, my name is Dylan Nadalin, and I am on a mission to help you bring out what’s hidden and stuck within Yourself. 

Memories are the foundation of our Life and they determine the quality of your present. Who you are today is the results of all the memories you’ve made. You are a highlight of your past. And my Goal as a Coach is to help you start creating the highlight of your future life. 

So, if you’re reading this, I bet that you have a strong desire to cultivate more from life, that you are feeling like you want to:  

  • Live from what the Universe gifted you with,
  • Strive to a higher form of Love in your Relationship, 
  • Add passions and Value into your life, 
  • Build long-lasting friendships,
  • Take ownership to your Health,
  • Have a deeper connection with people,

Let us work together to help you seize moments and create opportunities in your life to build those meaningful Memories, and therefore, your new identity and personality. 

As Dr. Joe Dispenza puts it: ‘’Long term memories are created from very highly emotional experiences.’’. We will together stretch your comfort zone, which will enlarge your emotion zone, and you will finally start creating the best Reels of your life. 

Doing what you Love is the best way to create powerful Memories as you are fully invested in what you do, fully committed, and you are naturally able to push beyond what you thought was possible! The ripple effect of doing this is phenomenal. The more you Become, the greater you Attract what you Are. In my personal journey, the moment I started to put my inner Self as a priority and living from my passion in Acting, Writing, Human Behavior and Coaching, the greater my Memories became.

And if this quote by Benjamin Franklin hits you as much as it hits me, we’re on the same page:

‘’Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75’’… 

The Memories you’re creating in the present will end up being the ones you leave behind for those who’ll still be here, and the best way to create authentic ones, is by embracing yourself and bring out the Gifts that you’ve been given inside. Every living Being in this planet can’t wait to meet the real You!