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Estelle Andrieux

  • Life Purpose & Identity Coach

Estelle Andrieux

  • Life Purpose & Identity Coach

I love to help confused purpose seekers, find crystal clarity about their passionate purpose and own it!

Dear explorer of the self, my name is Estelle. I’m a Paris-based Life Purpose & Identity Coach, and Tarot reader, on board with a mission to help individuals to overcome identity crises in time of transition, and who want to elevate their life in finding their purpose.

We exist on this earth for some undetermined period of time. During that time we do things. Some of these things are important. Some of them are unimportant. And those important things give our lives meaning and happiness. The unimportant ones basically just kill time.

So when you catch yourself thinking “What should I do with my life ?” or “What is my life purpose?”, you’re actually asking : “What can I do with my time that drives me and is important ?”, “How will it change me ?” and “What concrete actions should I take?”.

Whether it is about your most burning challenge where you feel you are stuck, or your most burning desires for creating your new ideal kingdom, now you will be ready to meet these forces with a heart’s impulse to find the wealth in your story, own it, reconnect to your self and grow your identity from the inside out. Ultimately, have a vision on what you do, with who YOU are. And this, can only happen through courageous conversations.

What my clients benefit from my coaching is gaining a stronger sense of identity, they are curious and push the limits of their beliefs, reflect about what might seem obvious, probe to have a deeper understanding of themselves, have the courage to be who they are. Eventually, they answered the question, “What is their purpose?”.

Formerly general services manager in the automotive industry for 10 years, the early part of my career was good. Good, but I was waiting for best auspices, to finally give free rein to my vocation, through activities that I believed to be more in line with my personal orientations : my curiosity about understanding people’s motivations and the reasons behind why they do what they do in order to help them. But I was hesitating to take the plunge as I created a rift between two parts of my life : the one I was living, considering it unfulfilled but bearable on a temporary basis, and the one I was dreaming about but impossible to label.

It took me years of sitting on the sidelines, spying on those who were rocking it, until I met Jay Shetty’s wisdom to realize what was missing !

I understood that the Way is part of everyday life and the Way is everyday life itself. My way as a coach became my purpose, a full-fledged activity, no longer parentheses within real life. By serving others, I fill my whole self.

Invest in your growth. You are here for YOU!


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