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Fallon Casalino

  • Self-Acceptance and Authentic Living Coach

Fallon Casalino

  • Self-Acceptance and Authentic Living Coach

My name is Fallon Casalino.  I have judged myself for so many things that are authentically me over the years.  I chose this niche because I am on the path right beside you.  I have spent the bulk of my life hiding my true self from everyone…including myself.  I AM a tender hearted, sensitive person who cares about those around me.  I am in touch with my feelings and the feelings of those around me.  I am a girly girl that loves anything that sparkles and glitters.

I am a self-acceptance and authentic living coach.

I believe we are all on a self-journey.  We have the opportunity to discover and become confident because we know who we are and genuinely go through life flourishing as ourselves in all areas of life.

Take a chance on you!  You are worth knowing.  You deserve to be seen.  You matter and add value to this world.  Set yourself free.  By embracing yourself and finding fulfillment in authentic, vulnerable living you energetically invite others to join you on the path of self-acceptance.

I invite you to have a free coaching session with me where we can assess our compatibility coach to client.  When you learn who you are on a deep level, you learn how best to support yourself along your self-journey.  Let’s find the tools that work for you.

I would love to walk your journey with you!  I am learning the joys of living as myself.  I choose to no longer hide my true self from the world; please join me.  I SO want a life of acceptance and authentic living for you.