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Felecia O’Neal

  • Personal Development "Habits of the Mind" Coach

Felecia O’Neal

  • Personal Development "Habits of the Mind" Coach

Meet Felecia O’Neal

Felecia O’Neal, a certified Jay Shetty Life Coach and Erickson Coaching International Graduate, is the driving force behind SelfWorkby10.COM. Beyond coaching, she serves as an empowerment teacher, dedicated to guiding professionals and personal development enthusiasts on their transformative journey. With deep empathy, she helps individuals overcome self-doubt, lack of direction, and the disconnect between reality and aspiration. 

Felecia’s coaching services provide clarity, motivation, and a structured path forward, empowering clients to cultivate self-awareness, self-motivation, and self-determination. Her mission is to transform lives from uncertainty and frustration to confidence, intention, and fulfillment, guiding individuals to actively shape the lives they desire.

Be Brave for You, Think Clearly about What You Want & Believe® 

Jay Shetty Certified Coach 

Graduate of Erickson Coaching International 

Master of Divinity from Duke University 

Master of Applied Leadership & Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management