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Franziska Maeder

  • Intuitive Wholeness Coach

Franziska Maeder

  • Intuitive Wholeness Coach

Hello there,

Franziska here aka as Ziska your Intuitive Wholeness Coach.

As an Intuitive Wholeness Coach I help guide you to see yourself as I already do: Already whole at all times and having everything you need within you ready to access it.

My role is to help guide you back to your whole self. Together we will navigate outside influences that can really hold you back and keep up barriers.

The influences that sometimes trick us into decisions that aren’t the ones you’d want. Or into believing limitations or perceptions about yourself that have no basis in your truth.

Can you relate to limiting beliefs or feeling like things aren’t clicking in life for some reason? Have you felt like there’s things you want to explore but don’t know where to begin? Would you like to look into it and get to know some tools that can help you navigate?

That’s where I can help! I am of service and I always say: the journey inward is the most rewarding and leads to big  improvements in your quality of life. Take the leap and start the work with me!

I am ready to accompany your on your journey within.