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Frida Caroline Bruhn

  • Success & Confidence Guide
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Frida Caroline Bruhn

  • Success & Confidence Guide

“I guide High Achievers to take a leap and level up.”

Frida Bruhn has been into acting and editing for more than 30 years.
She pretended to be confident from the outside but had lived years of her life on autopilot, in constant fight and flight mode.
By failing, doubting, trying, and getting up again and again, Frida was able to break vicious cycles and leave emotionally abusive relationships, the one with herself- and the one with her partner.

As a mom of six, Frida had to learn to become strong and powerfulKickboxing helped her tremendously build new mental and physical muscles, so she is very passionate about this. Therapy, Mindfulness, Positive Intelligence, working with Character Strengths and a large encouraging community guided her way to reinvent herself. Since jumping into Jay Shetty Certification-school as a founding member in 2020, she has been happy to choose Freedom, Peace and Harmony daily and loves travelling the world with her kids.

Clients of Frida are primarily high achievers who have reached a point in life where they see that they have created Success, Family and Wealth but now lack a sense of purpose or even a feeling for their own deepest authentic self.
Her clients are aware that they need to be the Change to make the Change they are longing for happening in their lives.
Some clients state they suffer from an unfulfilled urge to create meaning and feel the willingness to no longer settle for less.

It needs Courage to Change. And you must be willing to accept the Unknown for the better and commit to Growth to become the best version of yourself.
There are a lot of great quotes by Thomas Edison.
One of them goes: “If we all did the things we are really capable of, we would literally astound ourselves… ”
So if you feel like there is more of you inside to create a better self and life out there, you might want to discover her support, which is a service to get yourself towards maximizing Personal Growth and tackling your goals.

Frida works as a trusted advisor and guides her clients around the globe on purpose, success and fulfilment.
She knows that spreading the benefits of high-quality coaching for individuals and businesses is necessary to face current and future challenges for society.
She finds her Inspiration in Life, Experiencing, Wisdom and in her Coaches and Mentors, such as Jay Shetty, Rich Litvin, Steve Chandler, Georg Lolos, Shirzad Chamine, Joan Swart, Melanie Tonia Evans and Jim Britt.