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Heidi Wade

  • Happiness Coach

Heidi Wade

  • Happiness Coach

Hi! My name is Heidi Wade and I am a Happiness Coach! How are YOU? Have you ever really given notice to how you feel? Or paid attention to what makes you feel happy, positive, or aligned? When you are in that happy state do you notice how everything around you seem to be light and uplifted? Welcome to the notion of high vibes attract high vibes!

I decided to become a Happiness Coach because I have experienced the benefits of focusing my energy around things that make me happy! When you are happy your vibration is high, when your vibration is high, you attract more positive things. Aligning yourself with the people and experiences that make you happy your vibes are so high that they start to flow into areas that may not seem that positive.

What can you expect from sessions with a Happiness Coach?  If you are looking for ways to reach goals or solve challenges, our sessions will focus on what areas, within your situation, you can focus on that will raise your vibration. By controlling your emotions, you don’t let them control you! Shifting our mindset and perspective to a happier and light emotion is the first step to creating a high vibration! In turn, creating a happier self! With a happier perspective you can start to approach your goals and challenges in a brand-new way!

As your Happiness Coach, I will help guide you through any obstacles or blocks you may be experiencing, by focusing on the positive and raising your vibration. If there are goals you really want to reach, I will help you align with that high vibration so that it helps you get closer to that dream!!

If this resonates with you, please reach out and book a free discovery call with me!


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