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Jackie Kiku Snyder

  • Success & Mindset Coach, specializing in Women

Jackie Kiku Snyder

  • Success & Mindset Coach, specializing in Women

Jackie is a certified success and mindset coach specializing in helping aspiring entrepreneurs and executives open their minds to out-of-the box possibilities and reach their highest potential through powerful questioning, intuitive practices and various coaching tools. With a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science Psychology, Master’s Degree in Business (MBA), and experience as an entrepreneur, startup advisor, executive recruiter, and executive – Jackie brings a unique and holistic perspective to her coaching. She has spent 20 years studying psychology and spirituality to train the mind, align work and passion, and find fulfillment and connection to a greater purpose. As a self-starter woman of color whose family had very little money in her childhood, she understands the unique challenges women face in a business world which is more catered to men – and therefore, most of her clients are women.

In addition to coaching, Jackie is a strategic connector, community leader, entrepreneur, angel startup and real estate investor, and former NCAA Division 1 full-ride scholarship collegiate athlete. She brings these experiences to her coaching when she is asked to mentor on specific topics. 



While clients often come to Jackie to help reach new heights in their businesses and careers, she often finds that blocks from events in childhood and deeply engrained beliefs are at the core of what holds people back from reaching their most challenging goals. Jackie helps clients who already have great success and are looking for an advocate and partner in their journey AND people who are struggling in life or business and want a partner to help guide through discovering their paths and personal truths, and reaching their greatest potential.



Jackie’s current and past leadership activities focus around at-risk youth and forwarding women in leadership, including: She’s Independent Women-First Experiential Learning Investment Group – Head of Partnerships, AHA Bring STEM to Life (for Girls) – Executive Leadership Team (current), Colorado Technology Association Women in Tech, Big Brothers Big Sisters of CO Governing Board, Co-Chair and founder of City Year Denver’s Associate Board, Founding member of the Women’s Initiative & Advisory Council of City Year, Mile High United Way’s ELC Council, Executive Committee of Minds Matter Denver, Colorado’s Finest Honoree, Mentor of high school students and young adults.



Jackie self-funded her MBA education from University of Colorado and secured a full ride Division 1 swimming scholarship to University of California, Irvine, where she earned a Double BA in Cognitive Science & International Studies with a 3.92 GPA. Jackie is also a Certified Life Coach.



I had the great opportunity to have several one-on-one coaching sessions with Jackie. I needed some help growing and shifting my business and sought Jackie’s expertise. Jackie has a vibrant energy, is welcoming, and is a great listener. She asked some thought-provoking questions that helped me unveil some of the conditioning around money, success, and business which has been blocking me from reaching my potential and seeing and charging for the value I bring to clients consistently. Jackie has great business knowledge and was sensitive about how she was guiding each session. I left each time with clarity knowing what was going to be the next step in my journey. Jackie is very professional and her knowledge makes her unique and special in her field. I’m so grateful for her!

If you are looking for someone to guide you and help you, she is certainly the right person. 

Thank you, Jackie!

  • Emilie M. (Entrepreneur, Wellness Industry)


I was lucky enough to have Jackie as my coach to help me through this tough time of trying to balance my career life, a new home, and the need/want to get married. When I first started with Jackie, I had very conflicting beliefs and by asking me the right questions, she has helped me change my perspective on what exactly it is I am looking for. It was so nice to have someone to relate to that was understanding me as a career woman but also how hard it is to find time to focus on my personal life. Thank you Jackie for taking the time to really listen and help me solve some major conflicts in my life. 

  • Pauline (Entrepreneur, Services Business Owner)