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Jade Zaroff

  • Life Coach

Jade Zaroff is an artist, producer, entrepreneur and young change-maker. Her passion and purpose is to leverage entertainment and art as a vehicle for impacting youth, so that they can impact the world. Jade is the Founder of Entertainment for Change™ (EFC) — a nonprofit that provides a platform that educates and empowers a community of young Impact Artists™, informed by the United Nations’ SDGs. Jade exemplifies this in her own creative work — most recently producing and acting in an award-winning web comedy called “Jade and Jaded.” Jade was a panelist at the United Nations Media for Social Impact Conference in 2019, has won the Broadway Green Captain Prize via the BGA, and has been featured as a young leader in other publications such as Real Leaders Magazine and Green Living Magazine.

Additionally, Jade is a certified life coach via Jay Shetty’s Certification School. She is committed to sharing tools and techniques for young people to feel empowered and inspired to take control of their futures, now.