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Jana Siedenhans

  • Consciousness Coach and Business Counsellor
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Jana Siedenhans

  • Consciousness Coach and Business Counsellor

During many years of seeking I shaped out my genuine reasons for being. A journey painted in all colors of life:

From the the light color of new knowledge, skills and self-discovery, to the shades of confusion and disorientation up to  the clear range of colors that comes with conscious transformation

On this journey I experienced the ignition for self-actualization lying in genuine connection – to ourselves and each other.

Sharing these experiences to self-empower people for seeking out their personal pathway in life is my passion:

Are lacking the ability to make decisions on important aspects in your life? Or you decide but don´t follow through with the aligning actions?

Something is holding you back from the desired development into authenticity – and you know that it is YOU:

– not acting out of will power and free decision
– only reacting to your external circumstances meanwhile
– sabotaging yourself.

You don’t own the situation anymore but are somehow it´s servant. You feel like drifting instead of steering:

– overwhelming
– concerning
– lost.

Let´s talk!

Trained in coaching and change management with long standing expertise in the corporate world and self-employment I serve with expertise, life experience and an understanding that goes far beyond the surface of the behavioural rules of society.

I work with individuals and businesses from all over the world, including the USA, Europe and Asia:

– directed by the beauty of humanity
– educated and experienced in coaching and change management
– convinced of the impact of our true purpose.

As a consciousness-creator I empower you to access their inner compass of genuine identity and to break through the blockings from limiting believes, doubts and fears.

You will (re-) discover your clear reason for being and thus shift from drifting to steering in an ever changing world.


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