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Jane Brown

  • Domestic Abuse Recovery Coach

Jane Brown

  • Domestic Abuse Recovery Coach

I help domestic abuse survivors overcome their fears and rebuild their lives with no drama in 90 days with my

R.E.C.R.E.A.T.E Yourself Formula
Do you feel increasingly lost and directionless?

* Are you struggling to move forward in your life after the breakup?
* Are you incredibly confused and unable to make sense of your life?
* Are you having a difficult time understanding what has happened?
* Are you exhausted and traumatised by the relationship?
* Are you living a life consumed with guilt, fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem, powerless, and overwhelmed with emotions?

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you come out of a psychologically abusive relationship. You feel very unsettled, you are experiencing shock and confusion from your ex-partner’s behaviour. You will feel deep sadness and grief, leaving you lonely too.

Your relationship has brought you to depths of despair where you will be wondering if it is possible to heal.
I am here to let you know, that it is possible to heal after abuse.

This is why you need help & guidance from someone who has experienced psychological abuse, who understands your pain and anguish, who has done the growth work and come out the other end. It’s not just a case of leaving an abusive relationship, it’s a process that takes time and needs lots of love, kindness, and patience.

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the stages of recovery from psychological abuse?

As your Certified Trauma-Informed Life Coach, I can guide you on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, to help you heal and recover, so you can discover your best self.
I am trained to support you to identify & shift obstacles that have been standing between you and the future you are seeking and desire.
As a partnership, we will explore what is holding you back and look at where you are in life and where you want to be.
In our coaching sessions, we will be removing the layers of conditioning and working through the limiting beliefs which have developed over time from being in an abusive relationship.

When you invest in my signature coaching programme you will learn tools and practices to-
*empower you,
* it will bring you clarity on traits of covert narcissists
* and enable you to see your true worth.
* feel safe & know everything is going to be ok
* you will learn to be with yourself & trust yourself
* you will no longer be controlled by your emotions
* You will be flexible with your thoughts and feelings, so you can respond optimally to everyday situations.
* unbreak the trauma bond
* autonomic awareness of your nervous system so you can manage your anxiety and panic attacks.
* how to navigate the family court system for custody.
* have healthy relationships in your life.
* communicate better, responsive and less reactive
* confident and courageous to use your voice. No more tolerating BULLSHIT!

The R.E.C.R.E.A.T.E yourself programme consists of 8 modules

R Reconnect- after losing sight of who you are
E- Educate – knowledge gives you power
C- control- reclaim your power & take back control of your life
R- Resilient – to enable you to bounce back in the face of adversity
E- Emotional- steps to decipher the messages of emotions
A- Accept- you are accepting the losses from the psychological abuse and aligning with what you want.
T – Truth sets you free
E – Embrace – your new life and the fact you are worthy and deserving. You deserve love. You deserve respect.

– 12 weeks of 1-1 weekly live coaching over zoom with me Jane Brown.
– 8 modules developed and designed by me using my experiences to allow you to recreate yourself and reclaim the truth of who you are.
– you will be given tools and practices to help you heal and transform.
– a private Facebook group for women only a sisterhood- to connect with other women. You are not alone
– A WhatsApp group messenger service where you have direct contact with me during the 12-week programme.

Are you ready to dive deep so you can start thriving in life?

Reach out to me. I am here for you and can’t wait to share with you how much my coaching programme will transform your life.
I shall look forward to connecting with you.
You’ll never regret having taken the time and energy to work on your personal development that helps show up in the world as your true authentic self.