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Jannik Overmeyer

  • Personal Development & Mindset Coach

Jannik Overmeyer

  • Personal Development & Mindset Coach

Do you sometimes feel like you are a bystander in your own life and things just take their course? Take control. Allow me to put you back in the driver’s seat and chase those dreams.

I want to help people become the best versions of themselves and allow them to live the lives they desire so they can serve as an inspiration to others.

I do this by helping them gain clarity about their future and overcome present challenges and obstacles.

In my coaching program, we build awareness around your current situation, identify areas you want to work on, and construct an action plan on how to achieve that goal. Along the way, we build an unshakeable belief in the outcome and breakthrough limiting beliefs holding us back. Without wasting time, energy, or money we succeed in realizing our potential and meeting our goals.

A little bit about myself:

My path to coaching wasn’t linear, rather, it’s been a journey full of ups and downs. I believe an identity is like a puzzle, consisting of hundreds of pieces, leaving us in a constant search for the right ones, sometimes having them hiding in plain sight and other times trying to force in pieces that don’t fit. I have been working on completing my own identity puzzle for many years now. On my journey, I have lived in seven different countries across Europe, Asia and America, worked several jobs, found new passions, and met amazing people along the way. For the longest time, I did not have any clarity about what my future would hold and I just jumped at opportunities when they rose. Through my journey of self-discovery, I have found passion, peace, and purpose and would love to assist you in achieving your goals and reaching your potential.

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