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Jekabs Redlihs

  • Confidence Coach

Jekabs Redlihs

  • Confidence Coach

Hey there, I’m Jēkabs Rēdlihs, but you can call me the Confidence Coach Extraordinaire!

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Riga, Latvia, I’ve been conquering the ice hockey scene since I was a mere 6 years old! Skating and scoring goals have been my lifelong passion.

After some epic ice battles, I decided to level up my skills at Boston University, where I proudly earned a degree in Human Movement. But the game didn’t stop there! I spread my hockey wings across the globe, from being drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets to rocking the rink for the Latvian national team in the top division, not once, not twice, but four times! And don’t even get me started on my legendary six-year run with KHL’s Rigas Dinamo – I left a trail of ice awesomeness! When I’m not coaching or dominating the game, you’ll find me being a doting husband to my lovely partner-in-crime and a superhero dad to three fantastic kids. They’re my ultimate cheerleaders, and we love having action-packed adventures together!

And guess what? My love for thrills doesn’t end on the ice. I’m a movie aficionado – whether it’s sci-fi, comedy, or a heartwarming drama, I’m in!

My motto? Positivity is my power, and I’m here to sprinkle it everywhere! Life has taught me that there’s more to it than just skating through the motions. My mission is to seize happiness and joy every darn day!

Now, let’s talk about my passion. Hockey and life coaching are like two sides of the same awesome coin. The challenges I’ve conquered on the rink are parallel to those in real life! Sports have this magical way of revealing life’s secrets, and I’m here to help you unlock them. Embrace the game, and you’ll discover a life filled with meaning, fulfillment, and joy! It’s like scoring the winning goal every single day! So, are you ready to team up and rock your life with a newfound confidence? I’m your go-to coach, ready to bring out the superstar in you! Let’s create a game plan together, and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader as you chase those dreams! Drop me a line, and let’s make some magic happen! The game of life awaits, and I can’t wait to be in your corner!