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Jelena Leotta

  • Anxiety & Empowerment Coach

Jelena Leotta

  • Anxiety & Empowerment Coach

I believe that you already have everything you need inside of yourself, and by working in partnership with me you will gain clarity on who you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

My coaching is about supporting clients to cultivate awareness and build healthier relationships with themselves while living their lives with ease and confidence.

As someone who has had anxiety for most of her life, it is really important to me to work with clients to change their limiting beliefs and help them reduce anxiety, fear and worry.

I am also very excited to work with clients who want to feel more confident and are ready to push themselves out of their comfort zone and focus on their personal growth and learning. My coaching is transformational, and I believe that real change comes from within.

I would absolutely love to work with you and help you eliminate anxiety and the feeling of stuckness in your own life, so you have more energy for your family and friends as well as increase your confidence, which has an impact on all areas of life.

For me the purpose of coaching is to help clients find their life purpose and in doing so restore the meaning to their life.

I offer free one-hour discovery session where you can get to know me and you can find out how best I can support you.