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Jenna Ward

  • Emotion-centred Life Coach

Jenna Ward

  • Emotion-centred Life Coach

Hello there!

If you’re here, chances are you’re searching for something bigger, brighter, better. Maybe you know what it is but not how to get there and maybe you have no idea what it is but you’ve got this feeling.

I work with my clients to uncover their dreams. Dreams they may have had hidden deep inside for years, new dreams, dreams they have been too scared to admit to themselves! Working with me, my clients reconnect with what brings them joy and fulfilment. We find what lights them up! Through asking the right questions and creating a safe and compassionate space, I help my clients to find the barriers that are holding them back from their dreams and help them to break free of them and move forward, to grow, blossom and thrive!


So, why emotion-centred?

Because, if we don’t know how we feel, how can we know what we want? How can we know who we want to be if we don’t know who we are? By being guided by what we feel – our emotions – we reconnect to our truth; who we really are, our most precious dreams, of what gives us light and lifts us up, what makes our hearts soar! Our emotions are our compass to our truth, they empower us.

Working with my clients to help them reconnect to how they feel helps them establish their inner compass and get really clear on how they want to feel and with this comes clarity around what they want and how they are going to get there.