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Jennifer Eisenman

  • Life Coach

Jennifer Eisenman

  • Life Coach

“Who are you?”

This was the question that I found myself reflecting on while lying in a hospital bed facing my own mortality. I noticed that so much of “Who I was” or how I identified changed in just 24 hours, with the abrupt change in my health. This is when I began to see that my identity and self-image were attached to things outside of ME; roles, activities, achievements, hobbies, titles, a career, and other people.

As I laid there, I thought about these labels. I was an Ivy League grad, and wife at the time. I thought about the things I had; a well paying job, promotions, a nice living space, a boat.  My friends thought I had it all. But I was missing the most important piece:


You don’t have to go through what I went through to feel this way. In fact I’ve worked with many women that have felt this same exact way.

How might this show up for you?

– You may feel unfulfilled in life and relationships –

– You may feel like something isn’t right, like there is more out there for you –

– A desire for something to change –

– Feeling stuck –

– Feeling like you “should” be happier –

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to feel this way for the rest of your life.

You CAN stop being a people-pleaser.

You CAN put an end to the years appeasing, pleasing, and hustling for your self worth.

You CAN use your voice and STOP suppressing your feelings.

You CAN wake from the numbness inside.

I see you and I FEEL YOU. You BELONG here.

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