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Jess Harrison

  • Mental Wealth & Life Coach
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Jess Harrison

  • Mental Wealth & Life Coach

Hey Superhuman! I am Jess, a certified Mental Wealth & Life Coach. I help client’s breakthrough unworthiness and overwhelm to gain more clarity and confidence within their life.

As a Mental Wealth Coach, I am all about creating a safe, trusting, and open space for each client to explore themselves and achieve their goals and more wealth within their mental health. If you struggle with things such as:
– Stress management;
– Overwhelm;
– Burnout;
– Low confidence/self-esteem;
– Low self-worth; or,
– Struggle to find balance within your life,
a mental wealth coach may be the right fit for you!

I know and understand what it is like to feel stressed and overwhelmed, with the pressures we often put on ourselves and those from society, and the struggle to know how to break those unhealthy cycles. I have dedicated years into self-growth and the self-growth and coaching industry. I believe each person is continuously growing, and I am always committed to growing alongside my clients, in order to lead by example and better serve them.

In addition to my coaching certification, I also hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with a double major in History and Human Rights. My background and experience have provided me with the skills to lead in my coaching practice with compassion, presence, and diverse understanding.

I am a coach who understands being human can be messy. Through all of our vulnerabilities and successes, we all deserve support and guidance in our journeys.

If you are wanting more clarity and confidence within your life, let us connect! You can send me a message here or connect through:
Email :

I am open to accepting any clients, as long as they are aged 18+.


VISIT ME HERE: Website | Instagram | Facebook