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Jhoan Sebastian Bohorquez Sanchez

  • Mind, Body and Spirit Coach

Jhoan Sebastian Bohorquez Sanchez

  • Mind, Body and Spirit Coach

Have you ever think how life would be, if you were not so afraid to be yourself unconditionally? 

This is a question I asked myself for many years, and It is still the question that drives me to continue growing as a coach and as an individual

I’m a Colombian immigrant living in the U.K. for the last 10 years, my first language is Spanish, however, all my coaching and professional skills have been built in my second language, English. 

I have overcome a tone of traumatic situations in my life, from being cheated on twice and being physically and verbally abused as a kid, all this left a lot of scares and wounds in my psyche, however, these experiences are exactly what drove me into coaching and motivated me to help others overcome this traumatic and painful experiences. 

I am immensely passionate about growth and improvement, and that is what brought me initially into sports and influenced me to become a personal trainer. 

Since then, I realised the power of the body but most importantly, the even more powerful effect that being aware of the mind and body connection has in all human beings. 

The third element rejoined me along my healing journey in the last 4 years. I was raised in a very catholic family and I adopted a lot of the beliefs that my grandparents thought me growing up, a lot of these were the ones that came later on in my life and helped me see life in a more spiritual way. 

That is why as part of my coaching I include this third element (the spirit) which I used and adopted personally to heal myself from the intense pain and trauma of loss, grief, and abuse. 

I don’t believe myself to be of any religion however I believe myself as a religious person. 

Through meditation, I have found the liberation and the spiritual strength to continue ahead in life and become someone who helps others who are looking for connection and transformation.

I am fully devoted to helping my clients achieve their healing and freedom, and If you want to work with me, you will find a kind human being but at the same time someone ready to point out your blind spots and push you when is necessary, if that means it will help you heal and grow. 

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Love is healing, healing is love ❤️🩹

Lots of love to you ❤️