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Jill Ouellette

  • Life Coach

Jill Ouellette

  • Life Coach

After working with young adults in higher education for over 20 years, I have developed a particular sensitivity to the needs, goals, and challenges faced by today’s college students and adults as they grow throughout their lives. Pressure for high performance in academics and athletics, social media tensions, and difficulties of everyday stress can be problematic. Work-life balance, periods of time without employment, and uncertainty about the future simply add to one’s feeling of angst. 

Coupled with stresses of loss, depression, and anxieties of my own, I have come to appreciate the support, guidance, and empathy that a Life Coach can provide.

These and so many other experiences have led me to these Life Coaching beliefs

  • Clients arrive whole and resourceful
  • Answers to our questions are already inside us
  • Self-love and acceptance are all part of the process
  • We change throughout our lifetimes, so flexibility is key
  • Fear and vulnerability are opportunities for growth

Life is not meant to be simply endured, and anxiety does not have to be a perpetual state of indecision. Rather, with a little help, you can thrive in this life, find joy, and feel comfortable and complete in all that you are.