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Johannes Fessler

  • Transformational Coach specialized on helping men over breakup
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Johannes Fessler

  • Transformational Coach specialized on helping men over breakup

Did you know that statistics show that 48% of men don’t even have 1 person in their lives with whom they can talk open about their emotions? Are you one of them? And what do we do instead… we suppress our emotions and often suffer years after still from PRG that’s Post Relationship Grief. Believe it or not Science says we men suffer much more from it than women do!

So, if you can’t stop thinking about her… and you want to learn how to process your emotions and then this is for you!

After experiencing painful breakups, myself and delving deep into researching how to feel better, reflect on myself, and create a stronger and more balanced personality, I am ready to share the incredible techniques I have learned and developed with the world!

It has been my calling to help men over breakup and I have changed already dozens of lives. I absolutely love what I do and realize every day how much my service is needed.

I will really take the time to listen to you and together we will:
1. Create powerful strategies that will help you to process your emotions, heal your heart, and move forward into a brighter, happier life.
2. From immediate strategies to help you after a breakup to the knowledge you need to transform your future life and love, you’ll get the support and guidance you need to process your emotions and revitalize how you feel about yourself and your breakup.
3. Leave the sessions renewed, re-energized, and inspired so that you can jumpstart the life you truly desire.

If you are ready for a transformation, then a book a session with me over the link below.…/discovery-session