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Joisyline Jeyarajah

  • Self Love & Playfulness Mindset Coaching

Joisyline Jeyarajah

  • Self Love & Playfulness Mindset Coaching

I am a strong believer of creating a life that we love.

It took me a long time to value this tiny soul within me which desired nothing more than acknowledging its mere existence in this noisy world. Loving myself didn’t come easy. But the day I decided to silence the tug of war of who I am, a spark … a clearing to my authentic voice showed up. And I have a promise to keep – to love myself for everything I am and serve others to reconnect with their soul.

With a passion and purpose of wanting to create a spark in another person’s life, I am proud to say that I am a self love & playfulness mindset coach. Just like how I started my journey to truly accepting myself and loving me for who I am, I would love to make the smallest difference in inspiring another to start their self love journey. Because, the foundation of success in your life starts with how you see yourself.

I am a cheerleader in helping others make some room for the following in their lives:

  • acceptance of everything you are
  • evaluating your self worth
  • discovering your spark
  • unlocking your authenticity
  • indulging in “me time” guilt-free

Most importantly, I am excited to help my clients work through my creation of the 4 A’s of Self Love: Accepting your weakness, Appreciating your worth, Aspiring to be more of you and Authenticating your difference. Mastering any one of these areas will make the biggest difference in connecting with your true self.

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Mantra: a little soul spark makes you love the world a lot more!


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