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Jonathan Mather

  • Professional Life and Business Coach

Jonathan Mather

  • Professional Life and Business Coach

I have walked in your shoes and hit the wall at high speed in relationships and life.  I’ve had my career, family and marriage crumble all at once leaving me raw and vulnerable.  And I’ve survived.

While I’m a playful, fun loving and hopeless romantic at heart, I’m also a serious corporate refugee who loves to think deeply, feel powerfully and connect with people authentically.

I help you discover your lost values, regain your passion for life and reignite your confidence.

I’ve struggled with those 3 things on my journey in both my work life, social life and my romantic relationships.

With an MBA and over 25 years of business experience in sales, marketing, finance and entrepreneurial roles, I look at the connections between your personal and business life as a holistic picture of how you operate in the world and how you can progress. 

Coaching changed my life so much that I’ve made it my mission to help you move from anxiety and uncertainty into an amazing world of clarity and confidence.