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Joseph Bongiovi

  • Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor

Joseph Bongiovi

  • Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor

Joseph Bongiovi is a Certified Life Coach and Meditation Instructor, having completed his studies at The Jay Shetty Certification School to become a Certified life coach licensed by The Association of Coaching ( He also studied at The Chopra Center becoming a certified teacher of Primordial Sound Meditation.

Joseph Bongiovi was born in 1962 in a small town in New Jersey.  He’s the youngest of four children and the only boy.  Ironically, Joseph has four children of his own, the youngest being a boy.  So, it’s safe to say that Joseph has spent a good amount of time living around feminine energy “ I believe growing up with three older sisters and raising three daughters have given me a diverse perspective on life.”

At the age of 21 Joseph made a significant choice in his life and decided to get clean and sober.  “Getting clean and sober at such a young age has had a significant impact on my life.  I embraced early on in my life the idea of personal introspection and the value of having a healthy spiritual foundation.”

From that pivotal moment on, it’s been a process of continually evolving as a spiritual being having a human experience for Joseph.  There are no drugs or alcohol to use as an escape from life any longer.  “It’s simple, any bad habit that I find I cannot do without, I eliminate.”

Part of being clean and sober requires a constant effort to look at yourself and your surroundings. You learn to take personal inventories and clear the slate of your life of unwelcomed character defects and in return embrace ideologies that provide a healthy, productive, loving and empathetic lifestyle.

“I began to read any self-help book I could find, journaling and meditating on a regular basis early on in my sobriety.  While I didn’t meditate or journal nearly as consistently back then, ultimately it offered me the opportunity to experience the benefits enough to embrace it later in life.”

Today, Joseph is an avid daily meditator and is constantly studying up on both his Life Coaching capabilities as well as his meditation, mindfulness, spiritual and motivational areas of his life.  “One of the most impactful figures for me though my studies have been Dr. Wayne Dyer.  He’s shown me that to be a strong, centered and secure man in the world you have to be brave enough to show your emotions, admit your faults and be as spiritually empathetic of others as possible. Not only is it not a weakness to be spiritually motivated, it’s a strength and it’s time for men to embrace this fact.  My spiritual path has given me the gift of love, for myself and for the world.” Joseph continues through his studies to discover and embrace that we are all the same, coming from the same source and experiencing the same life.”  According to Pema Chodron’s perquisites Joseph is a true Spiritual Warrior.

Joseph has enjoyed the benefits of living a plant based lifestyle. Joseph is a serious fitness junky (one addiction he is not ready to give up), and an avid lover of the outdoors; hiking, mountain biking, street biking, skiing and boogie boarding.

He has been working in the entertainment business for over 38 years in various capacities, most recently as the CEO of an entertainment marketing and merchandising company for the past 9 years.  “I want to make a more significant impact on the world while I am living this human experience.  So, I’ve decided to launch Spiritual Warrior, a health and wellness company whose focus is on the spiritual, physical and mental growth of anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives.”