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Juan Gonzalez, Jr.

  • Heroes Coach

Juan Gonzalez, Jr.

  • Heroes Coach

As a child growing up in an unstable home without proper guidance, I went through life living it through many learned patterns, beliefs and behaviors. With limiting beliefs and little guidance, I felt lost most of my life. Throughout my childhood, what resonated with me in my times of need was the idea of the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. This idea was introduced to me by my 9th English teacher, an important guiding lamp post in my life.

Adulthood felt like I was still reaching out in the darkness and stumbling over whatever was in front of me. I experienced depression, anxiety, hopeless thoughts, loss of confidence, lack of clarity and withdrew from the beauty of the world.

My true Hero’s Journey picked up momentum when my sister’s passing back in 2010. Her death was the catalyst, which sent me on a spiritual journey of unlearning who I was and Rediscover more of myself. During this time, I was married with five incredible children.

Five years later, my journey continued even further to develop myself with more depth. I underwent divorce, moved away from my children, dove into spirituality where I developed my intuition, inner wisdom, and opened my heart to greater depths.

In order to tap into the true hero of my story, I needed to first release the identity of who I was based on others’ perspective to then begin living my true identity as my authentic self. Through my loss, my struggles and pain, I decided I wanted to use what I have learned to be that guiding lamp post for those who hear the calling of their inner hero from the depths of the heart. This is my passion and purpose, which I love to share with those ready to answer their calling.


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