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Jules Tyler

  • Transformational Mindset & Addiction Recovery Coach

Jules Tyler

  • Transformational Mindset & Addiction Recovery Coach

Why Jules?

After terrible childhood trauma, I became addicted to alcohol and painkillers to numb my pain. I went from one toxic relationship to another, until one day I was nearly killed.  I went to rehab, got into a 12-step recovery program and I worked with a therapist to tackle my trauma. Something was still missing, I still had no self-esteem or confidence, was riddled with anxiety, PTSD and I didn’t know who I was! I worked with a life coach who helped me re-discover myself. Today, I am a successful business owner, Coach and have been clean for multiple years. My purpose is now to help others to become the best version of themselves and regain their lives, just as I have!

As a Mindset Coach, I can help to guide you to discover your limiting self-beliefs, negative self-talk and bad habits that are holding you back. Maybe you struggle with constant worry, imposter syndrome, never feeling “good enough” or tend to focus on the negative? A positive mindset is one of the most powerful tools we can have in life.

As an Addiction Recovery Coach, I understand first-hand as I’ve been there. I know what it takes to stop and stay stopped! Navigating life on its own terms, putting the carnage of our past behind us and finding ourselves again, that’s the tough bit and can be very overwhelming and complex. I work with people with more than six months of sobriety/clean time. I help them to identify their triggers, unhelpful thought patterns, habits, defects and negative self-beliefs/talk. Together, we build an essential awareness of self and work on building back self-esteem and discovering themselves, which helps strengthen their recovery and allows them to move forwards, living happily and without fear.

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