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Kamil Shah

  • Life & Success Coach

Kamil Shah

  • Life & Success Coach

Kamil believes in the unlimited potential of every human being. As a Jay Shetty Certified Coach, his mission is to guide people to understand their inner potential and in doing so, bringing forward the Personal Genius within them.

Coming from a professional background in Architecture, Kamil previously practiced in both the Education & Corporate Sectors. One life changing event in his 20s saw Kamil’s life plummet from having a progressing career, to living on $2 a day virtually overnight. This painful experience taught him valuable lessons in Life, which he has used advantageously in regaining his feet & ultimately achieving Personal & Professional Success. He now shares his experience & knowledge in guiding others towards achieving their own personal victories.

Throughout his lifetime, Kamil has lived & traveled across the globe; from South East Asia to the Americas, Europe & now the Middle East where he is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. His exposure to different countries, cities & most importantly people has provided him with a global yet local understanding of the various cultural norms & sensitivities, making him a perfect receptor, listener & communicator beyond the spoken language.

Kamil knows that his clients are already experts of their own lives. Understanding this, his role is to guide the client in providing them with the right tools and keeping them accountable on their journey towards their personal peak of success.

Together with coaching individuals, Kamil is involved in group coaching to guide teams in understanding their collective goals & outlining strategies.

Kamil is also active on his social media platforms in the form of sharing tips and strategies as well as connecting people through insightful conversations.


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