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Katarina Banovic

  • Bully-Proofed Coach & Nutritional Consultant

Katarina Banovic

  • Bully-Proofed Coach & Nutritional Consultant

Bully-Proofed coaching is for parents of minors who are bullied, ready to reclaim their authenticity for themselves first, and therefore empowering it in their children. 

Children learn through observation and from the moment we enter this dimension of knowing physical existence we are exposed to influences around us and the environment ends shaping part of our identity and also pushes us to discover who we are, the authentic-self. Therefore, when we run into challenges, such as bullies, we do not resonate our true nature there, however we make a choice how to deal with it. As parents and care givers when we nurture environment in which a child is lovingly accepting of their own nature and we model self-awareness, children end up appreciating their authentic expression. 

What can every parent do in relationship with themselves to demonstrate to their child how authenticity serves in becoming bully-proofed?—you can find out more: join my free FaceBook Group Building Bully-Proofed Community and/or follow me on the Instagram @bullyproofedcoaching, as well access more information on my website.

I serves as a Holistic Nutritional Consultant as well, and what led me here is tightly related to being bullied as a child. I had learned to bully myself with food, because I was not thought how to address the hurt the bullying was causing me, I was avoiding it by indulging in various sugary treats, despite the abundance of all other beautiful colorful food that was growing around me, that I had plenty of as well, however it was never enough. And never enough is a syndrome that stems from feeling inadequate that furtherly gets perpetuated by bullies. Parents are the first models to their children and their idols, so knowing how to be there for your children, especially when facing challenges, so that your children can trust and learn from you to become bully-proofed themselves is being part of the solution.

I have not always walked on my path for I did not know how to follow my intuition and the only way to follow that intuitive guidance is to clear the way from junk (food or thought) and here is the best way to start: where you are right now; the life span is short anyway, you are meant to walk in your own shoes. When I did that I started to discover myself. If you are called to creative exploration of coaching principle—ready to go towards that which you always wanted and need guidance (no advice zone), where your challenge turns into a doorway, then let’s work together.

Bully-Proofed stand for Being Present to yourself, to the surrounding and to others; Being Patient with yourself—transformation is a process; Being Proactive versus stagnant, continuing to evolve, revealing the dormant parts of self, highlighting gifts and reserving space for hurt to heal; Being Polite—manners matter and are matter of effective communication; Being Powerful so that you are thriving even when the conditions are not in your favour.